About Samantha Mosher

Sam2I am a Reading and Learning Specialist who works with middle school students in New York City. I am lucky to be able to work in two areas of education that I love: working with students and working with teachers. My work includes assessment, intervention and extension work with students, as well as instructional coaching work with teachers, particularly in the areas of formative assessment and differentiated instruction. I also teach a graduate course in literacy assessment and intervention to pre- and in-service teachers, that focuses on analyzing and using assessment data to create and then teach an intervention plan. You can find out more about my experiences here.

I believe that teachers should also be learners, and one of the best ways of learning and growing is through self-reflection and sharing. I am hoping to be able to share with you my successes and my learning experiences as I grow as an educator and a coach. I also hope to share thoughts on professional reading and explore my own thinking through writing, something I often encourage my students to do.

I also an avid reader of everything from books on education, to YA and middle-grades literature, to fantasy and science fiction. I also enjoy knitting, both with my knitting group in the community and with my knitting club at school. I enjoy cooking, especially local food from my CSA. I also like running (well, jogging, some day I hope it will be what one can truly call running) and Pilates.

All opinions and ideas on this site are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer(s).