About Samantha Mosher


I am a Reading and Learning Specialist who works with middle school students in New York City. In addition, I am an adjunct instructor and teacher educator for inservice teachers (including those in alternative certification programs).

I believe that teachers should also be learners, and one of the best ways of learning and growing is through self-reflection and sharing. Through this blog I want to share my successes and my learning experiences as I grow as an educator and a coach. I also hope to share thoughts on professional reading and explore my own thinking through writing, something I often encourage my students to do.

I also an avid reader of everything from books on education, to YA and middle-grades literature, to fantasy and science fiction. I also enjoy knitting, both with my knitting group in the community and with my knitting club at school. I enjoy cooking, especially local food from my CSA. I also like running and Pilates.

All opinions and ideas on this site are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer(s).