Thank a Teacher

I have been privileged to have had a number of amazing teachers throughout my K-12, college, and graduate education. This week, everyone is thanking all of the stellar teachers that they’ve had. I have quite the Thank a Teacher list (even if it’s a bit late. Being a teacher and a teacher educator can get busy) […]

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Why I teach middle school: Student drawings

Why I Teach Middle School

I took Spring Break off from writing here while I was traveling and dealing with midterm crunch-time with my grad students. I got to spend 5 great days in San Francisco with friends, and met some of their new Silcon Valley tech friends while I was out there. Everyone either had a PhD in some […]

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Tiny Successes

My first teaching job was in a Catholic school for low-income girls on the Lower East Side. My boss, Connie, who was one of the co-founders the school in the early 90s (back when she was still a nun), was an amazing woman. She taught me a lot about teaching and about building relationships with students. […]

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Student Voice and SRSD

I use SRSD (Self-Regulated Strategy Development)  as my primary way of teaching writing to my students. There are a lot of reasons why I love it. It’s research validated. It connects easily to whatever type of writing instruction is happening in their classrooms–workshop models, process writing, etc.–so the skills they learn are easily transferred. It […]

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