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Leveraging 1:1 Laptops for Assistive Tech

Leveraging 1:1 Laptops for Assistive Tech

Assistive tech is a huge topic. We can find all sorts of solutions for students: “no-tech”, low-tech, or high-tech, ranging from free to prohibitively expensive. The best assistive tech tools, though, are the ones that students can transition with and that will lead to independence. In special education and intervention, our goals are almost always transfer […]

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Pilates as Differentiation PD?

Why My Pilates Instructor Should Run Our Differentiation PD

I enjoy all sorts of exercise: biking (outdoors and spin classes), running, strength training, yoga, hiking, dancing…but Pilates always scared the crap out of me. More than biking in Manhattan. During rush hour. Why, you ask? One word: Teaser. That’s not entirely true, but that is one exercise that I found quite intimidating. Pilates just […]

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